We value our clients' experience at JunniVet's

Asad Pervaiz

Took my male German Shepard Dog for complete checkup and was diagnosed with PARVO. Dr. Junaid really helped me at that tight spot and went extra mile to save my Pet and cured him completely. God bless and appreciate your help Dr. junaid

Malick Ashir

People like him are rare to find these days. The way he treats animals is exceptional. He knows the meaning of a life and what it means to save one.

Sàñåà KĦąlïd

Dr Junaid is a great doctor I totally recommend DR Junaid for pets and rescused animals. I visited him back in 2014 for my female parrot she is not with me anymore but yeah Dr junaid One more bird needs ur services my indian ring neck male... He has a long nails can u trim them

Saad Ahmed

Dr Junaid is a very professional and kind person. I brought him an abandoned kitten(10 days old). He examined it free of cost ( as he does for all rescue cases) and through his vast chain of clients( "cat people"as he call them) he was able to find shelter for this little baby. Definitely recommended.

Salman Iqbal

Dr Junaid is not only a great doctor but also a great human being. It is hard o find such kind people in world these days . He treated a rescued eagle free of cost and he is great at his work. 5/5 stars for his humbleness and professional experience. Stay blessed dear brother ! I totally recommend DR Junaid for pets and rescused animals.

Shahid Latif

Very Good Effort Dr. sab keep it up best of luck .

Sarah Majid

Very kind,poliet,friendly n helpful dr in Rawalpindi...keep it up n God bless u Dr Junaid.
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