Just how to Hook Up a Water Line to an ice box Through the Sink

Just how to Hook Up a Water Line to an ice box Through the Sink

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A fridge with an ice that is automated and an integral water dispenser does next to nothing should you not have water line for connecting to it. Numerous houses have a fridge water supply line set up during initial construction, but this feature wasn’t included in the building that is original of some houses. It is possible to re solve this with an ice manufacturer installation kit which allows one to utilize the plumbing work underneath the sink. The kit gives you the mandatory components to connect a water line up to your fridge.

Find your water supply lines beneath your sink. You may possibly have three water supply lines underneath the sink; two lines link straight to the tap although the 3rd line links to your dishwasher. The valve linked to the proper part regarding the faucet could be the water supply line that is cold. Turn the chilled water on the supply line clockwise to shut it.

Attach a 5/16-inch drill bit to your drill. Drill holes into the base case walls to route water line from underneath the sink into the backside associated with the ice box. Drill since close to your straight back wall surface associated with the case as you are able to, which means you usually do not lose storage area within the case.

Thread the water line, contained in the ice manufacturer installation kit, through the area behind the ice box to under the sink. Keep the excess water line behind the fridge.

Switch on the water that is cold to drain any water kept when you look at the supply line. Utilize pliers to untwist the faucet supply line through the water supply valve that is cold.

Wrap threads regarding the chilled water valve with 2 or 3 wraps of thread-seal tape. Twist the male end of the adapter that is quick-tee the valve. Wrap the thread that is female the alternative end associated with the adapter with thread-seal tape. Twist the supply that is faucet on the female end of this adapter.

Slide the compression nut that was included with the kit within the newly set up supply line. Make certain the threads are dealing with the final end regarding the line. Thread the ferrule through the kit on the line that is new.

Wrap the rest of the male threads regarding the quick-tee adapter with thread-seal tape. Insert the water that is new to the opening regarding the tee. Slide the compression nut within the threads that are male tighten up it regarding the adapter.

Tighten all three nuts regarding the quick-tee adapter with pliers or a wrench that is adjustable. Usually do not twist the pea nuts too tight as this might harm the supply valve, the supply line and also the adapter.

Position the end associated with the water line you wish to hook up to the ice box as a bucket that is 5-gallon. Turn the water that is cold valve on under the sink. Allow one or two gallons of water explain to you the line that is new eliminate the atmosphere. Turn the supply line off.

Slip the rest of the compression nut and ferrule throughout the fridge end for the brand new water line. Link the line into the water line connector in the straight back for the refrigerator.

Turn the supply line on again. Watch for leaks at all the connections. Fasten the connections slightly if the truth is a drip. If tightening the bond doesn’t stop the drip, turn the water off, take away the connector and add extra thread-seal tape before reconnecting the water line.

Plug your fridge to the wall surface. Coil the extra water line behind the ice box. Drive the refrigerator contrary to the wall surface.