JUNNI VET Pakistan and GOVET Kuwait Announce Joint Venture


JunniVet’s has been providing quality veterinary service’s including vaccinations diagnostic surgery grooming and treatment of illness and injuries to campanion animal in the Rawalpindi,Pakistan since 2013 and excellent at exclusive cases of Wildlife including Deer Family, Pheasantry, Pigeonry, Poultry and Parrots’ family including Macaws, Cuckatoos, Grey Parrots, Amazons, Rosellas and Ring Neck Parrots also good at Exotic Pet Practice, Canine and Feline family’s Treatment, Surgery, Medication, Vaccination and Consultancy.


Govet general trading co. is a company founded and established in the state of Kuwait, which serves the animal care industry. Govet is an application which provides a social and interactive platform for users to browse, rate and most importantly receive Online care from certi­ed veterinary practitioners.
Govet provides several modes of communication with vets, and a user friend interface and registration process.At Govet, our aim is to build a community of animal care providers who are validated by our users, creating a hub for animal care, information, products and services


Govet connects pet owners to a range of caregivers day or night, in
a user friendly, diverse and innovative way. This tackles the common
problem pet owners face when trying to provide care to their pet such
as long drives, stress to the pet, high consultation and care fees.

About GOVET Mena

The Govet Mena application is the user version of the application. Pet owners are able to register their pet (or pets) on the application and then, with the click of a button, access relevant Govet Caregivers.The Govet Mena application allows users to rate their experience with the Caregiver,
which is later displayed on the available Caregiver list on the application.

Application FEATURES

Download Govet Mena today! Connect to a vet instantly through live video consultations and give your pet the care it needs!

Welcome to a world of Digital pet care!

Available on iOS and Android

About Us

The JunniVet’s Animal hospital team is committed to providing quality veterinary care throughout the life of your Birds,dog, cat or exotic pet. We treat your pets as if they were our own.

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