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Review: Method Guy Does The Heavy Lifting On “Wu-Tang: The Saga Continues”

Review: Method Guy Does The Heavy Lifting On “Wu-Tang: The Saga Continues”

Wu-Tang Clan’s legacy was already written in the Hip Hop history guide.

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The team made its indelible mark into the ’90s underneath the leadership of RZA, whom devised a five-year intend to take over the rap game. It absolutely was a huge success, ultimately causing numerous classics, a range of solamente record deals and a diehard group of fans that exists all over the world even today.

With nine users (10 in the event that you count Cappadonna), there’s constantly been a hard balancing work in handling this group that is diverse. The loss of Ol’ Dirty Bastard in 2004 had been a major blow, as well as the infighting became more general general public on the web age, specially when it stumbled on the direction of the records.

Complaints of exactly exactly just how RZA handled 2007’s 8 Diagrams and frustration over 2014’s A Better Tomorrow muddied their releases. Neither record had been bad, nonetheless it had been evident the rappers within the crew weren’t all in the exact same web page. Nevertheless, fans and group users alike have actually held away hope the Wu would be in sync and release something which matched the levels of 36 Chambers, Wu-Tang Forever as well as the W.

The Cilvaringz-helmed not so long ago In Shaolin ended up being purported become exactly that however it quickly became clear to ardent fans the LP is probably not A wu-tang clan that is legitimate record. Then a new hope emerged whenever RZA announced Wu-Tang: The Saga Continues, a project with beats by Wu’s longtime DJ and producer Mathematics. The production has truly been marketed such as a brand new wu-tang clan record, however in actuality, it is a compilation similar to 2009’s Chamber Music or 2011’s Legendary Weapons. Understanding this might be key to appreciating The Saga Continues for what it’s.Read More »Review: Method Guy Does The Heavy Lifting On “Wu-Tang: The Saga Continues”