Army Cadets provide possibility to indulge in exciting and challenging tasks and also to make friends that are new.

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Army Cadets provide possibility to indulge in exciting and challenging tasks and also to make friends that are new.

Detachments meet a couple of times a week. Tasks. Only at Farnham we provide abilities and skills which could simply just simply take you around the globe. We create a secure, water Cadets Farnham Lower Weybourne Lane, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 9LQ Please enter your date of birth as dd/mm/yyyy. Title​.

Volunteered for the Auxiliary Fire Provider. North Africa Algeria, Tunisia [citation available upon demand]. Territorial Army Reserve of Officers [exceeded age limit]. H ix , Charles Samuel. H oar , Ian Reginald “Hamps”. HM’s birthday Married 1st Education: Tonbridge class ; Ferox Hall. H oare , Reginald Arthur Reid Married H oare , Ronald Jack. Brand Brand Brand New Middle East Egypt and Libya year. H obart , Patrick Robert Chamier. Stanley, Roughan Park, Tyrone.

Field, Royal Marines; one child. Staff Delhi Durbar. Regular Army Reserve of Officers [age limit].

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General Officer Commanding, 11th Armoured Division. Married Beth Mifanwy Whitten ; four sons. Mediterranean Theatre Cassino H obson , Philip Lindsey Son of Hobson, and H odge , Francis Vere just kid of Rev. Married 12? Connor, of Gwenfrenor, Burnham-on-Sea; two sons, one child. Normandy [recommendation available upon demand]. Education: Sherborne Combined Operations Bombardment program Troon. Ahead Observation Officer, No. H odge , Richard Aubrey. H odgkinson , Peter. H odgson , Edward.

H odgson , William Frederick “Joe”.

Def M. WM 39 H odson , Felix Ian. H ogan , Henry Tanner. The Northern Rhodesia Regiment from Rhodesia and Nyasaland Army. H ogg , John Chalmers. Indian Army officers’ part. H oggins , Roden Kenneth Married 06? Education: King Edward’s School, Birmingham H oile , Eric Percy “John” Son of Hoile, and Married Kent H olbech , Edward Ambrose. RAFVR officers’ part. H olbrook , George William. Labourer Corps. RTO, Waziristan Force. Assistant Embassy Staff Officer, Asia. Teacher in Gunnery, Home Forces. Stevens; one son, one child.

Barbara Suzanne Lyle ; one child, one son. Education: Royal Military university, Sandhurst Moth – Gypsy 1 – 85 h. Adjutant, 9th Battalion The Hampshire Regiment [unit changed into:]. Regular Army Reserve of Officers [attained age limit].

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H olden , Fred Alexander. Bacteriologist, University of London Trollope K regarding the 10th of January simultaneously along with her transfer, the ship served on patrol and escort duty within the English Channel and supported the intrusion of Normandy. Regarding the 6th of H july. After being towed back again to Portsmouth, she was declared a complete hull drop. On graduation as a Midshipman I joined up with H. Trollope at Portsmouth in might once the ship had been involved with fighting German E-boats that have been appearing out of Dieppe and Le Havre to strike the convoys holding allied forces to your beaches that are normandy.

During action channels my work would be to stay regarding the traveling connection with a gyro compass repeater and transform the enemy’s bearing as shown in the radar display screen into the ship’s navigation space right into a bearing relative to the ship’s program e. Green 5, Red 15, etc.

At around 1 a. We had been within an area where we had been in a position to travel no faster than 4 knots due to the risk from oyster mines. From the distance of 3 miles the E-boats fired at us plus one of their torpedoes hit us amidships. I happened to be hurled through the traveling connection into water plus in the faint moonlight saw the ship breaking by 50 percent. After about a full hour, assisting those seriously wounded on to rafts and clinging from the rafts ourselves, we had been acquired because of the Hunt Class destroyer H. Stevenstone and taken fully to Portsmouth. We myself suffered a “depression fracture regarding the internal left condyle with ligamentous uncertainty” to quote the medical diagnosis and ended up being later on invalided out from the Greek Navy, having been deemed “unfit for solution”.

For the victims whom passed away in this action approximately half the team had been lost and of the officers the next also had been killed: Lt. Harry Westacott,R. Battersby, R. Richard Pitt R.

First Officer Lt. Baptised at St. Michael’s, Yorktown, Camberley, Surrey, in the fifteenth of living at 5 Arch Cottages, Yorktown october. Enlisted to the Royal Air Force. Promoted to Aircraftman 1st Class, unknown date. Promoted to Leading Aircraftman, unknown date. Registered at Farnham, Surrey. Promoted to Corporal, unknown date. Residing at 13 Vale path, Camberley, Surrey, published to Malta, unknown date. Regarding the 8th of June Cecil’s wife travelled to Malta aboard the ‘ Bendigo ‘.

Promoted to Flight Sergeant, unknown date. Published to No. On or following the fifteenth of March , since this ended up being the date the squadron ended up being reformed. Cecil offers their Occupation as Flight Sergeant No. published to your china, unknown date. Cecil offer his R. My research tips that Cecil had been most likely attached with No.

Seletar, Singapore from September Registered at Gloucester, Gloucestershire. In December , No.

In the beginning it absolutely was involved on reconnaissance, however with the intrusion for the minimal nations ended up being quickly to be used on bombing enemy troop columns. Therefore the entire squadron and the airfield had been practically put away from operation in the beginning of the battle. F Wattisham, Sufolk, but soon a while later relocated to R.

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Horsham St. Faith, Norfolk and through the duration July to February had been used on bombing the Channel Ports along with other objectives in enemy-occupied European countries plus in Germany it self. Oulton ,Norfolk a satellite airfield for R.