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JunniVet’s Veterinary Clinic run by Dr. Junaid Naseer. He is Wildlife, Pet & Avian Vet from SAUT, the best known University of Pakistan.

Dr. Junaid is D.V.M (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) and R.V.M.P. (Registered Veterinary Medical Practitioner), Technical Expert ISOQAR (UK), Official Veterinarian Beaks & Wings Birds’ Society, Ex-Veterinary Officer Livestock & Dairy Development Department, Government of Punjab, Pakistan.

Dr. Junaid and his team is successfully running the same JunniVet’s Veterinary Clinic since 2013 and excellent at exclusive cases of Wildlife including Deer Family, Pheasantry, Pigeonry, Poultry and Parrots’ family including Macaws, Cuckatoos, Grey Parrots, Amazons, Rosellas and Ring Neck Parrots. He is also good at Exotic Pet Practice, Canine and Feline family’s Treatment, Surgery, Medication, Vaccination and Consultancy.

He has successfully performed Orthopaedic, General, Minor & Major Surgeries in all species mentioned above. For which he is winning clients all the way from all over the country.

One of special property of JunniVet’s Veterinary Clinic is that; they treat all the Rescue and Abandoned cases totally free of cost, including medication and surgical costs from the JunniVet Clinic.