Professional consultancy services are provided to all sorts of animal care; including farming, backyard hobby, pet management; for starters as well as for professionals


Vaccines of all Birds and Animals; flying/ground, small/large, wild/captive are being performed at the clinic

Veterinary Surgeon

Performing all sorts of Minor, Major; Orthopaedic & General Veterinary Surgeries in all sorts of Birds and Wildlife.


Practices Birds, Parrots, Macaws, Cuckatoo, Grey, Electus, Rosellas and Pigeons, Fancy Poultry, Pheasants, Peafowl and Wildlife including Partridge, flying & Ground birds, Deer, Chinkara and all wild animals as well.

About US

Our vision is simple: to marry the latest in medicine and compassion together, while providing the best in surgery, the best medical management and the best service. We believes that a vision without a backing is just a hallucination; that’s why we’ve invested in the best equipment, assembled  amazing vets and  staff  and have a commitment to continually improving the quality of our service.


Dr. Junaid and his team is successfully running the JunniVet’s Veterinary Clinic since 2013 and excellent at exclusive cases of Wildlife including Deer Family, Pheasantry, Pigeonry, Poultry and Parrots’ family including Macaws, Cuckatoos, Grey Parrots, Amazons, Rosellas and Ring Neck Parrots. He is also good at Exotic Pet Practice, Canine and Feline family’s Treatment, Surgery, Medication, Vaccination and Consultancy.

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